1) Add a picture to the quizlet you have  which shows the thing or is your best association. You have a link to a quizlet, log in, customize it and edit it. Then you can add pictures, but only on your computer. In application you need to premium account. 

2) Start with flashcards from English to Polish, repeat and observe how it is written. When you start with English, you build a correct pronunciation habit. Do it twice.

3) Flashcards from Polish to English, now you should be able to say many of these words before the speaker. Do it twice.

4) Spelling – write in English what the speaker says

5) Write or Gravity – you practise writing, gravity is more interesting than just a plain writing

6) When you do successfully all these activities, you can revise the words without any extra time now. You know how it’s written so you don’t have to look at the screen. Enter flashcards and give play (the arrow), it will tell you an English word and later a Polish one or another way round. You can listen to these words when you do daily activities like ironing, cooking, putting make up, shaving etc. It’s important that you revise every day. It takes only one minute to switch on the quizlet on your device.

7) After two weeks and a month you must do revision. It could be flashcards or you can process these words to make them more memorable

There is one very effective way. You must:

  • export words from your quizlet,
  • delete the Polish one,
  • create a new quizlet,
  • import only the English column
  • in the place of the Polish equivalent, you should set English language now
  • in the second English column you should write a definition, a sentence or a story memorable for you

8)  It’s the best when your words from quizlets occur in context like a movie, a reading or sentences. Our brain likes learning from the context. Separate words not connected with anything are easily forgotten.



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